We at Heart & Soul believe that everyone should be able to buy a card with real meaning.

One that says what you wish to say.Thats why here we leave most of our cards blank so you can put your own special message inside them.

We also wish to give you the chance to change the colours and the wording on the front of the card (where possible) to make it even more yours. So when that special person recieves that all important card its been handmade and cared for and you've had all the input you wish or maybe you liked it as is and thats
fine too.

We can write and post the card to a specific address if time is short and you want it sent straight there.

We also have gifts on our site most of which are ideal for all occasions and are definately worth a look.

If you have an idea for a card but don't know where to start, then let us know and we'll try to make that idea reality.

Our returns policy means if your not completely satisfied with any of our products all you need to do is return them within 7 days for a refund or replacement.



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